In 1974-Styles Bridges bought his first English Setter, his first line of setters hunted and ran in small amateur field trials.  Quickly-Bridges switched to a "win at all cost" mentality. His focus was strictly developing a setter that could compete on the major Northeast field trial circuit-and eventually the National circuit.


When Lightning Flash English Setters was established, the kennel  consisted primarily of female English setters that were vigorously campaigned.  The Lightning Flash Setter  females began to  be in high demand as brood bitches to owners of winning stud dogs.  Winning with "long hairs" was Bridges only mission.


In the late 1970's, to the mid 1980's, Lightning Flash Setters won in the grouse woods of Michigan to the bean fields of the South. The politics and grind of campaigning Field Trial Dogs began to get old. The setters were not house pets, they were more of a "trained machine"-with the soul focus to win trials. When winning wasn't fun anymore, Bridges took a break from Field Trials in the early 1990's.


In 1999, Bridges was approached by Grouse Ridge Kennel owners to help them train their young  setters.  From that year until 2012, Bridges started most of Grouse Ridge Kennel's young dogs until they were returned to the field trial circuit.  Some of the notable Grouse Ridge Setters that started at Maple Ridge Kennels are Champion Grouse Ridge Digit, Champion Grouse Ridge Lucky, Runner Up Champion Grouse Ridge Bruiser, Grouse Ridge Sarge, Grouse Ridge Pitch, and many more in addition to the aforementioned.


Bridges refuses to campaign in Field Trials anymore. Today, he focuses solely on developing dogs, its "more rewarding" watching them develop, than winning a Field Trial. A huge family man himself, Bridges main focus is producing family oriented hunting dogs.  With forty years experience Styles Bridges has an uncanny way to develop started English Setters that will not only hunt but will become loving, well-behaved household members. If you ever visit the Kennel-it is not out of the ordinary to see more dogs in the house visiting, than his own children, and grandchildren.


Maple Ridge Kennels has been the home of Lightning Flash Setters for 40 Years. Styles Bridges and his family have raised hundreds of dogs, thousands of birds, and a good amount of horses at the same place located in Canton, New York.

Styles Bridges and Thomas Bixler

Bridges and Bixler met  while attending St. Lawrence University in the 1970's.  Together  they discovered a passion for gun dogs. Eventually hunting, became Field Trialing, and the rest was history.

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